Roman Maximyuk - “Pub crawl: the best thing invented!”

Roman Maximyuk

Kazhakstani computer science student Roman Maximyuk blogs about his adventures from Scotland's University of Sterling to Australia's Flinders University.

I have been here for a month now. One disadvantage of going somewhere across the equator is that it was the middle of the year here when we started. I remember from studying at the University of Stirling that the middle of the year is not as easy to start studies as the beginning of the year. Now I can fully understand why some exchange students were so weird and not talkative.

The studying itself is very interesting at Flinders. It is different from what we had at Stirling. I like thinking that it was easier there, but I am sure it is just that it is always a little bit hard in the beginning, when getting used to a new place. Also, to help us not to be bored, from this year on, Flinders University changed its system and we have to take not three subjects but four.

To help us to feel at home and just to let us have fun, Flinders University housing office arranges some good activities every now and then. The other day they organised a movie night, which was from 4pm to 12am. They showed four movies in a row, ordered pizza, cold and hot drinks and anybody could come, so there were quite a few people enjoying it.

The other event I was really looking forward to was a pub crawl, which is very usual event for a Scottish university, and I am glad that we have something similar here in Australia. It was great, because we had two buses taking us to the city and a few guys looking after us. So there were two full buses of people wearing the same t-shirts walking from pub to pub all drinking quite substantial amounts (or should I say a little bit dizzy). On that day, I heard a lot of people saying that they never get drunk. A funny moment occurred when we met another university‚Äôs students all wearing the same t-shirts, a little different from ours.

The International Student System Unit (ISSU) organises a three day tour to Kangaroo Island that is going to be on in a month which I am going on. I just wish it would be held sooner. My friends who went on similar tour last year said it was great. Also, everybody I am talking to asks me if I have picture with kangaroo or koala. Some even asked me to send them a dingo pet (which I think may be a slightly difficult quest to fulfill). Kangaroo Island should be the place to go and have a chance to take very nice pictures with those famous symbols of Australia though! So stay posted!