Yulin Wang - “Proud to be a Sports Therapy Student”


Yulin Wang

Yulin Wang is a Chinese international student studying in the UK. His blog is about his life at the University of Chichester studying Sports Therapy.

Chichester University is a small (in size) university, which is located in the equally small but bustling historical city—Chichester!


“Chichester University ...”

Have you ever visited Chichester? If you have, I bet that apart from enjoying shopping and dining here along the pebbled high streets, you didn’t miss the landmark - Chichester cathedral. Did you let your curiosity lead you to have a gentle stroll in the ancient graveyard? Tell me what did you think when you found a perfect spot and looked up seeing the magnificent architecture? Ok, first let me tell you what I am thinking when I stand by the giant yellow-sandstone-built bell tower, I am happy and lucky because there is always something meaningful and historically-rich, monuments that are extremely well preserved in reach. For me, every now and then, I still very much enjoy an Old City-Wall walk around the city with friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Along the route, I can totally enjoy the scenery in the Old Market, Priory Park and Bishop garden…flowers, pine trees, rusty wooden benches, windy paths and crumbly sandstone water-fountains, what else could you dream for? Nothing.


“I still very much enjoy an Old City-Wall walk …”

Chichester University always has a good relationship with the local community. As Chichester university students, we are encouraged to get involved when there are some public events or fairs. A few weeks back it was the annual Chichester-Half-Marathon-Run and I was there too, not racing but volunteering.