Nora Augustine - “Peace Paper Project”

Nora Augustine

Nora Augustine, Psychology student, blogs about her journey from Tanzania to New York's SUNY Plattsburgh.

It is easy give up and throw-in the towel after a tragic experience, but it takes courage to get up and decide to do something about it.

The Peace Paper Project utilizes the primitive, yet aesthetic, art of paper making to inspire positive and peaceful thinking after tragedies. This therapeutic art turns shredded clothing materials into beautiful and decorative paper in a matter of an hour or less.


“Turning a negative experience into a peaceful and mind-freeing activity”

As the group prepares the paper, by cutting clothing material, they talk about the unfortunate tragedies in their lives. For example, for women who have survived rape, some have brought in their undergarments to tear down and grind it into paper, thus positively turning a negative experience into a peaceful and mind-freeing activity.


“Survivors or any participants can express themselves”

This process is then followed with paper production in the machine. The facilitators then assist people in decorating the papers. Here survivors or any participants can express themselves by writing a short story, drawing or just making plain paper. In this process, people are able to express their deepest emotions and most personal experiences for closure, encouragement and fun.


“People are able to express their deepest emotions...for closure, encouragement and fun”

The Peace Paper Project collaborates with universities and communities, both locally and internationally to bring this expressive art to people who have either forgotten how paper was originally made or to the survivors who need to tell a story and be heard. This time our university was fortunate enough to experience it.

I don’t have much to say, let the pictures speak for themselves.


“The art is beautiful..."






“...but the motive more powerful”