Rachel Goh - “What can you expect? ”


Rachel Goh

Rachel has travelled from Singapore to study Psychology at the University of Otago. She is often seen running around campus juggling various commitments. 

International Welcoming Night (IWN)

IWN happens at the start of the first semester and the activities planned can differ depending on the wishes of the International Officer and the International Committee (ICOM). This year we got the committees of the International Clubs together for a night full of bingo, quizzes, family feud, and a chance to win really attractive prizes from our sponsors like Chopsticks 101, Lush, Reading Cinemas, KL Aroma etc. It was a lot of fun bringing people from other clubs together and having a dose of healthy intellectual competition.


International Sports Day (ISD)

For all you sports aficionados, this is the event for you! For a weekend in April, ICOM throws a sports tournament for all the different International Clubs and their students. This year we had 15 International Clubs competing for glory in sports like Soccer, Basketball, Dodgeball, and Tug-of-War at Unipol and Logan Park. While things may get a little too serious at times, we did have crazy fun moments like ordering tons of pizza, seeing the joy of people when they score a goal, and when the Otago Filipino Students Association band together to cheer enthusiastically for their team. At the end of the day, you leave tired but really happy.