Rachel Goh - “What can you expect? ”


Rachel Goh

Rachel has travelled from Singapore to study Psychology at the University of Otago. She is often seen running around campus juggling various commitments. 

It has been a crazy and challenging journey to say the least; a typical day is me running back and forth from one end of the campus to the other trying to sort out studies, OUSA, teaching, and a bunch of stuff. BUT while I may whine about this chosen life at times, the truth is, I have had heaps of fun at Otago because it has given so much joy and so many important life-skills.  

And perhaps Otago will do the same for you as it did for me! Every experience is different, but it is still your choice to go out there and experience it. There are so many cool things happening at Otago, but today I will focus on key exciting International events that you could be a part of if you so wish.


International Food Festival (IFF)

IFF is arguably the most important event in our International calendar and it could not have happened without the creative mind of Jerome (OUSA Events Coordinator) and our amazing International Clubs. We have reasonably priced food from up to 15 different cultures, outdoor music, and it is located right smack on campus twice a year… what more could you want? IFF is normally planned months before to ensure we get the proper permits, equipment, and food ingredients. The clubs then spend quite a number of days and nights to make sure that everything is safely prepared, and cooked to perfection. It is a lot of hard work, but the effort is so worth it! IFF is definitely an event to save for and attend if you want to try something different and delicious.