Lucy Tillett - “One more sleep”

Lucy Tillett

Lucy Tillett is a History student at Leicester University spending a year abroad at Flinders University in Australia.

OK, so there is one more sleep (if you can constitute it a sleep considering the time I have to wake up) until I leave for Flinders Uni in Australia for a year.

So yeah, wow this is scary, like really WOW, this does not seem real, there are no words. All my things are packed. All (well, most) of my things have been sorted out, copious amounts of people have been added on Skype.... other than sending off various information to student finance (and let's be honest most people probably have menial tasks like these they chose to ignore), everything has been done. I am ready (physically) to leave, but am I ready (mentally) to leave?

I think I have gone through every emotion in the past two minutes, let alone the last couple of months. Fear, excitement, the feeling I could throw up at any given minute, sadness, to name but a few.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what I feel and I am really not sure what I have got myself into. Everybody keeps on insisting that I will be having the best time of my life and have an unforgettable experience, but the uncertainty is killing me. How can they be so sure and have so much faith when I, myself, do not?

However I have decided to embrace every experience, take every opportunity and have a little trust in the people I know and love and believe them when they say it will be OK.

So for now, I must dash as I have paperwork I need to sort (gosh, I sound so mature) and things I need to do before my departure. No doubt there will be some sort of panicked post from me tomorrow or Thursday when I am alone and stressed/tired.

But for now Bon Voyage!!!


PS Me and my mum tried to fit me in the case… needless to say it didn’t work… :-)