Sri Themudu - “OMSA (Otago Malaysian Students’ Association) Support for Malaysian – Otago Students ”


Sri Themudu

Sri has left his home in Malaysia to study for a Masters in Entrepreneurship at the University of Otago in New Zealand. His ASEAN Scholarship has opened up this new opportunity for him.

Moving abroad as a student and leaving home for the first time can be tough. Furthermore, if you don't know anyone at your new destination, forming a new group of friends can take time. In addition, we are toss in the language barriers and the different cultures.  Similarly, like everyone the anxiety was built in me after I received a confirmation of placement and scholarship.

Before I pack my bags and moving to Aotearoa as a new student, and I really wanted to get connected with Malaysian students in New Zealand, then I've got a great question on how to meet them when I move to New Zealand.


Thanks to WWW. And social media which has enabled me to link with OMSA (Otago Malaysian Students’ Association) President Cheah Seng Wai and Welfare Officer Phoebe Loh. The Otago Malaysian Students’ Association, or fondly known as OMSA is the largest and main club serving the welfare of all Malaysian students at the University of Otago.


 Supporting the Malaysian students studying at University of Otago.