Jason Mitchell - “New Year, New Cheer”


Jason Mitchell

Jason is from the United States and is studying practical nursing. This blog is about his life at Durham College in Canada.

Like many of you, I don’t remember New Years Eve.... just kidding (right?); but with each New Year we celebrate the past and hope to the future. I don’t know about you, but so far mine has been crazy busy. This year is going to be especially exciting as it is my last semester of classes! YAY!!!

I rang in the New Year with old friends. I could not think of a better way since I only find my way home every few months and most the time it is right before or right after they come around so I usually miss out. We had a few drinks, played a few card games, watched some B movies, and laughed the night away enjoying the rain since it never seems to snow back home.


“I rang in the New Year with old friends.”

My year so far includes receiving a new (used) electric guitar for Christmas. Now some of you may remember my last blog about getting involved with a musical instrument and hopefully some of you decided to pick up an instrument and are still playing. I definitely am and it has become one of my favourite ways to unwind.


“... a new (used) electric guitar for Christmas.”