Nikita Sarawagi - “Never stop exploring”


Nikita Sarawagi

I am Nikita Sarawagi, an international student from India, pursuing my Master's degree in Data Science and Analytics at Maynooth University. I believe in the saying 'Live and Let Live'. I am a nature lover and always looking for flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way.

This eventful semester at Maynooth has finally come to an end with the exams finishing recently but let's not linger on the topic of exams too long and let me tell you about a few of my ‘exploring Ireland’ stories.

My friends and I went to the Dublin Gurdwara one Sunday, which is a place of worship mainly for the Sikh community, although people of other faiths are always welcome. One of my friends belonging to this religion was feeling a strong urge to visit the place. As it happened right after exams I am guessing the inspiration to do so may have arisen from the desire to have some supernatural influence on the exam results.

So, as we went and as soon as I entered the Gurdwara I felt like I was in India. The Raagis (who sing Ragas) were reciting, singing and explaining verses from the Guru Granth Sahib (holy scripture of the Sikhs), in the presence of the holy congregation, which was beautiful and soulful to listen to. All Gurdwaras have a langar hall where people can consume religious offerings in the form of food, Prasad.

After being a part of the holy congregation off we, went to have the Prasad at the langar and trust me I am not exaggerating when I say the food is delicious. As langar represents the collective community spirit, they are always looking for people to help serve and do other chores. So all of us volunteered to help serve which simultaneously led to socializing with fellow Indians in Ireland. A shout out to people who would like to experience a bit of Indian culture, visit a Gurdwara anywhere in the world and offer to volunteer, it is a happy experience.

Afterwards, we went exploring the nearby area and reached Portobello. It is the most beautiful little town I have ever seen. The houses there had colourful doors which gave the place a cheerful vibe. While idling around we came across a huge blue coloured structure which we later found out was a church. We walked up to it, went inside and witnessed amazing interiors.

It had a very calm and serene energy making one feel in awe. A fellow Catholic friend said when one visits a Catholic church for the first time, three prayers can be said and they shall be answered (almost like a magic lamp with a genie!). It turned out to be an amazing day with us unconsciously doing religious venue-hopping!


One fine sunny day, me and my friends wanted to go out for a walk and explore more of Maynooth so I looked up this place called Conolly’s folly on the internet which honestly sounds like some magical place from the Harry Potter movies.