Ruika Lin - “My Second Round of Job Search Starts”


 Ruika Lin

Ruika graduated from the University of Virgina in the Class of 2011. Originating from China she’s travelled from coast to coast in the US and is currently exploring the world of crowdfunding and self publishing.

In Summer 2012 after the 3-week nightmarish project in Boston, with a newly established determination of leaving the firm I worked for as my first job out of college, I started brainstorming my next step. Given that I had already gotten GMAT out of the way with a satisfying score, I was still fairly certain at the time that my major near-future next step in life would be to attend a top MBA program. Combining my pre-graduation desire to enter the strategy consulting industry and the industry’s popularity among top MBA programs’ admission officers, I strategized that my next move would be to network my way into a strategy consulting firm. I used the word “network”, because after connecting with some people in my network who had worked in the industry, I understood that the lateral hiring process in these firms was extremely limited or even non-existent, meaning that top consulting firms simply don’t do a lot of hiring among experienced but young professionals, 1 or 2 years out of college, without an MBA – they either recruit heavily among fresh college grads for entry-level positions, or MBA grads for more senior roles; there’s almost nothing in between.


“Harvard Business School, Boston”

Coming to a Decision

So during the summer and early fall of 2012, I reached out to as many connections of mine as possible who were working or had worked in the consulting industry, described to them my current situation and frustration, inquired about their experiences, and also attempted to network into their firms. After about 2 months of reaching out, I had a sudden revelation – I realized I would not enjoy the consulting industry either, given that it’s still part of the professional service industry, in which project-based client work, traveling, utilization, and an extremely unbalanced lifecycle, would still be the theme. These are the exact reasons I decided to start another round of job search, and what I needed to leave was not my current firm, but the industry overall.


“… I needed to leave ….”