Tai Ekundayo - “My RWB International Students Scholarship Award”


Tai Ekundayo

Tai is a mature student studying Radiology at Fulton Montgomery Community College in the US.  He’s travelled from Nigeria via the UK to find himself in the US. His story is moving and inspirational.

In my last blog I wrote about my favourite teacher at FMCC, Assistant Professor Karlyn LaBate. Last month she nominated me for the Radiologists without Borders (RWB) student scholarship and I was awarded $1,000. I was very grateful for this!  The scholarship is awarded to an international student studying radiologic technology. Dr. Tariq Gill is the founder of RWB and their mission is to bring lifesaving diagnostic imaging solutions to medically underserved populations worldwide.


“… I was awarded $1,000.”

Loyal, compassionate, and motivated students make up a large support base for RWB and the communities served. For consideration for the scholarship I submitted an essay detailing my passion for pursuing education in the imaging sciences and one of my ultimate goals would be to serve RWB as a technologist, traveling internationally to teach and train new radiology students. 


“... one of my ultimate goals would be to serve RWB ...”

 Scholarships are available for international students in the US and there are no set rules on how to apply for them. While some may just require a student to complete an application form, others may require a high GPA, a written essay, or for you to be pursuing studies in a certain field (as with RWB). If you have a financial need and you find a scholarship you think you may be eligible for, then contact the award administrator or your college international students director (at FMCC it is Mrs. Spencer).


“Scholarships are available for international students …”

Students can also check out a website called InternationalStudent.com for more scholarships you could be eligible for.

Happy searching, happy holidays!