Tomoko Nagata - “My life on campus”

Tomoko Nagata

Tomoko Nagata is a third-year Japanese student studying nursing at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

Hi everyone. I am a third year nursing student: Tomoko. 

I have been working as a nurse for 6 years back in Japan, but I always wanted to study abroad and expand my horizon, so I chose Flinders University to get back to the wonderful student life! 

I found Flinders University location excellent. It is located 30 minutes away by bus from the city centre and the same distance to reach Glenelg, the seaside. This location keeps me focused on studying and moreover, makes me enjoy the surrounding beautiful nature, so I decided to live on campus! 

Some people think living on campus makes you feel bored, but personally speaking it has been quite comfortable especially considering safety.

I get to see many people. We sometimes have social activities such as karaoke nights, music nights and movie nights where it is very easy to meet new friends.

One of my favorite things was having potluck with neighbours. I didn't know who I was going to be living with. It's always enjoyable to share foods from different countries and to make new friends!