Rachel Goh - “My Graduation!”


Rachel Goh

Rachel has travelled from Singapore to study Psychology at the University of Otago. She is often seen running around campus juggling various commitments. 

After the parade, the graduation ceremony at the Dunedin Town Hall was a blur to be honest.  One possible reason was probably because I was learning my most important lesson of the day: Always ALWAYS remember to use the toilet before going in because a) you can’t exactly get up and leave and b) waiting for 400 people to get their degrees is the most agonising wait ever haha. However, despite the wait, it was fun finally being able to greet the chancellor face to face and obtaining that degree in front of your loved ones and friends. The best part of it all though was seeing your name on that piece of paper with first class honours right next to it. It made all those 4 years of late nights studying, eating random junk food, and stress-crying worth it.


“… seeing your name on that piece of paper …”

So to all you people struggling through the night to finish your assignments, or feeling so burned out from constantly studying for exams, let me tell you this: Graduation will come sooner than you realise. And it will be the best day ever whether you are graduating Otago-style or not, because it will be YOUR DAY. All that hard work, all that waking up for 9 am classes, all that note-taking, and all the university friends you made will be worth it. So keep pushing forward, have a drink now and then to ease the stress, and keep your eyes toward graduation.

It will feel like a relief that you made it through university. And hey! No more studying for a while sounds like a pretty sweet deal.  Although if you’re weird like me, you may decide that 3 years of post-graduate school sounds like a great idea… but that is a story for another time. Good luck y’all!

Credits to Jacob Ong and Andrew Mills for their awesome photography skills.  

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