Rachel Goh - “My Graduation!”


Rachel Goh

Rachel has travelled from Singapore to study Psychology at the University of Otago. She is often seen running around campus juggling various commitments. 

10 December 2014

That is the day I will always remember because it was the day that I finally graduated. Wow. Where do I even start? Everything feels so surreal even till now, and the feeling of being a fresh graduate is indescribable. But lucky for you, I’m going to do my best and describe my graduation experience from the start to finish.

So first things first, every graduate-to-be (i.e. graduand) needs the proper attire that is special to Otago: a graduation cap, a hood that denotes what faculty you’re graduating in (pink with no fur because I was a BA(Hons) graduand), and the long black gown. I was most looking forward to getting my hands on my graduation attire so I got to the dress shop one day early. Unfortunately, everyone else was as eager as me so most of my morning was spent waiting impatiently in queue. But the wait was worth it; because trying on the gown and everything else was just magical. It kind of makes you realise that you’re finally graduating and you get to look extra special to boot!

After getting the right fit and all, it was time for some photos around campus. After all, what’s so special about graduation if you have nothing tangible to remember it by? It was fun being able to be a model for the day and my photographer (Graham Warman) definitely did a fantastic job at capturing my glee at graduating.


“… my glee at graduating.”