Ruika Lin - “My First Week in San Francisco”


 Ruika Lin

Ruika graduated from the University of Virgina in the Class of 2011. Originating from China she’s travelled from coast to coast in the US and is currently exploring the world of crowdfunding and self publishing.

I moved to San Francisco in summer 2013. Having lived in Virginia and been used to the suburb environment for so long, I was irrationally surprised by the liveliness of this city on the other coast of America. I remember thinking to myself, almost naively amazed, when looking at all the people waiting at a metro station right in front of my apartment building, on my move-in day: Wow, there are people living their lives on this strange land! It felt like I gained a new sense of wonder and my life would be restarting in this unknown place – I had no idea what was waiting for me, and that sense of vast uncertainty was both scary and exhilarating. It was a similar feeling when I moved to the US at age 18 back in 2007.


“Wow, there are people living their lives on this strange land!”