Lucy Tillett - “My first month in Oz”

Lucy Tillett

Lucy Tillett is a History student at Leicester University spending a year abroad at Flinders University in Australia.

First an apology: I'm so sorry for not keeping up to date. I don't want to make excuses but moving to another country, making friends, settling in, starting class. I've been kinda busy. Still, I AM SORRY! and I should have kept up with my blogging.

So let me tell you what's been happening since I arrived at Flinders in Australia. At first I felt very out of my depth. During the last month or so I have done a lot; visited Melbourne, meet new people, started class and oriented myself around a new town. Stupidly I was expecting it all to click into place straight away but naturally it didn't.

It's hard to describe. It's kind of like your first day at school where you don't know anyone and you're expected to fend for yourself without your regular support network. The difference is that you get to go home at the end of a school day (or even if it is university, you always have that option there). Being thousands of miles from home that's not an option.

Moving to another country by yourself is literally the deepest end you could ever dive into.

I am aware this sounds quite negative and I don't mean it too, in fact it had been quite to opposite for me. I have dived in at the deep end and embraced everything and opened myself to all sorts of people and experiences and I feel a better person for it.

I've met some amazing people, international and Australian alike and am slowly making friends in my classes as well. I haven't done any travelling (besides Melbourne) but already, at the start of my adventure the things I have seen and the people I have met in Adelaide have all made it worth while. There are three things on my mind at the moment

  • future travel plans during my year here
  • getting acquainted with class and catching up on things I have missed
  • finding a job

I have no exams during my first semester (YAY!!) so therefore have five, yes you read right, FIVE weeks off during the semester break, which means I need travel plans, or as my mother thinks, dissertation plans. This got me to thinking what I should do with my time.

It will be winter and 'cold' in Australia and I am doing all my 'major' traveling at the end of the term or in mid-semester breaks so there is already quite a lot ticked of my list and no matter how much I love Adelaide I don't want to stay here for 5 weeks alone (most of my friends will be going home for the break or leaving Australia. All the internationals leave in June except me. WAH!).

The next logical step in my head is of course Asia, a place I have been before AND LOVE (and would also be able to recapture my tan!). However I am not sure about going alone and I am not sure if any of my friends from home can make it over, but that is something to think about. Any suggestions or ideas would be GREAT!

This brings me to my second point, the idea of money. There are no two ways about it I NEED A JOB! One thing I should have believed, but did not about Australia is the prices are high! Not just like London prices, we're talking HIIIIIIIIIIGH! It's fine for Australians whose minimum wage is a whopping $15p/h but not for the likes of a poor British girl who has to deal with a bad exchange rate it isn't fine.

A job is on the top of my priority list, however it is extremely hard to get employed around here - SO IF YOU KNOW OF ANY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Lastly, the classes. I have a bad habit of missing lectures and as they are recorded I feel as though it doesn't matter, however catching up on recordings is a hard thing! Now I'm behind it's hard to catch back up again so I'm going to have a hot date with Mr Toshiba laptop catching up with everything.

I'm determined to do well here. Something which Flinders is not lacking is the support for students, all the staff are amazing and the ISSU for international students is super. I know I can do it, even if I need some extra help along the way.

So guys, that is basically my life as of late. I'm planning on regular weekly blogs with loads of photos so you you can all see what I have been up to...

Thank you for returning to me <3. Have a nice night Europe and Have a fantastic day (afternoon) Australia!

Lucy xx