Viviana Farley Garcia Lopez - “My First Blog from Australia”


Viviana Farley Garcia Lopez

When Viviana isn't studying for her Masters in Accounting and Business Administration she'll be found exploring the Australian countryside by bicycle, hiking or jogging.

I would like to share with all of you my experience of studying in Australia which was the best decision ever. I am originally from Colombia with lots of dreams as many of you. I came to Australia one year ago to study a Master of accounting and Business at the University of Southern Queensland.  


“… the University of Southern Queensland.”

My first impression of living in Australia was the kindness of people; they are always able to help you in the transition of settling down which is fundamental in order to get familiar with the Australian system.

Besides, Australia has beautiful weather, a great cultural diversity in all around, fantastic lifestyle, and good entertainment, but one of the things that I like most is that this country is recognized worldwide for offering high standards of education programmes and many opportunities on a professional level.  I would say that this is the kind of place where you want to stay forever.


“Besides, Australia has beautiful weather …”