Santiago Salinas - “My favourite things about South Australia”

Santiago Salinas

Santiago is an Ecuadorean international student studying in Australia. He's a bit of a romantic, happiest with a good wine, a cheeseboard and beautiful natural environment.

Hi everyone, I'm Santiago from Ecuador. It is a privilege to share some of my experiences in Adelaide, Australia. I'm studying a Master's degree in Tourism at Flinders University.

First of all, my first impressions about Aussieland (Australia). I was expecting to be welcomed with the 'g'day mate' expression. Well it does not really happen, and while I was trying my best to use the expression all around, I then knew that it is like an old fashion expression.

The Aussie slang is cool, relaxed and funny, like no other in the world. It is interesting the way you can get some accent working out your chin, most importantly it is understandable and as you start speaking it, try doing it most of the time with everyone, most Aussies are friendly.

South Australia is awesome, there are many unique spots to see, Adelaide Metropolitan Area is beautiful, some hills and wine regions are close, and getting there is not a problem if you don’t have a car, in fact, bus transportation works fine and gets you to the place. Wineries are my favorites, they have a unique sense of place and you can always have a nice cheese platter with wine. 

South Australian culture is very unique. There are many nationalities and native cultures in one place. Cultural events are on most of the time, more likely in the summer and you should start wondering why South Australia is 'the state of the events'.


“South Australia is awesome, there are many unique spots to see”

Summer was quite hot, but a nice summer environment is all around. Autumn so far is all right, some cold days, but I come from a colder region in Ecuador so that is not a problem for me. Nevertheless, the landscape and color of threes is something quite interesting. Actually, visiting the Botanical Garden is a must-do.

After three months I can say, that it is quite an experience, I consider myself at the learning stage, so no worries about being asked to repeat thoughts twice or taking time in organizing the ideas properly before speaking. Studies go all right, I’m confident in saying that I’m passionate about Tourism and its huge scope. I’m looking forward to find an interesting and proper research for my final dissertation… Is it too early? Not really, I believe that the strategy is gaining time! 

Adelaide has beautiful areas, there are the most known ones, but there are some parks and places that are just amazing. I just visited the wetlands and while working there, really got me in peace and creativity. Koalas, Kangaroos, Australian animals are as expected, I’ll say. Personally I was more interested in birds. My personal interest in birds was back home, so I was aware of finding different species as Rosellas, Cockatoos, Magpies and crested pigeons.

I haven’t come across a lizard or a snake, I wish I won’t, or probably in secure circumstances. I've been overwhelmed by gumtrees and other trees, they look different to the ones back home. Sunsets and night skies are also unique, so as you can tell, I’m a person interested in simple, but beautiful things.

I’m living with an Aussie family. Life's not always a bowl of cherries, but joking aside, they are nice and they’ve provided me with a bicycle and an old mobile phone! That is pretty good considering that I have heard about different experiences living with different cultures.

Adelaide is special and still to be discovered by myself. Different than home, but a new home.