Ishita Ghelani - “Mumbai Diaries - A Day Full of Young Guns”


Ishita Ghelani

Ishita has left her home in India to study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing Management at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Canada.

Someone once asked me, “If you do decide to go back to India, what do you plan to do?” I instantly replied, “I want to start my own business!” Hearing this from an Indian girl shocked him, as the India that he has seen and heard about doesn’t support the idea of young women starting their own businesses.

Unfortunately, at that time, I couldn't say much to change his perspective, as I did not know the current situation in my home country because I’d been studying in Canada at Humber’s Business School for a while. However, today, after my most recent visit to India during winter break, I can proudly change anyone’s perspective with the same suspicion. 

During my visit, I went to The Lil Flea – a small flea market full of pop-up shops selling art and craft objects, clothes, accessories, bags, experimental and street food, in addition to shops of various online retailers and much more. I attended this flea market in Bandra, which is a suburb located in West Mumbai, India. Bandra itself is a very culturally rich area within the city. You will find people from every walk of life. I guess it is not just Bandra, but Mumbai as a city has a place for everyone from famous Bollywood superstars to controversial politicians to ‘Aam Aadmi’ (The Common Man).


“… I went to The Lil Flea …”

The Lil Flea truly gave a glimpse of my city. However, for all you who do not know what I am talking about, don't worry! I managed to click some photographs. There were approximately 200 pop-up shops in this market. Despite so many stores selling bags, accessories, and clothes, no two stores sold the same thing. I felt it was quite commendable as often in flea markets, I have seen similar things being sold at competitive prices.