Hikari Kanda - “Most Wonderful Time of the Year (December)”


Hikari Kanda

My name is Hikari Kanda. I'm an international student from Japan studying Economics at Maynooth University. I've been staying in Ireland for 10 months. I love exploring the scenery, culture and local food through travel.

The way to spend a wonderful time is not only in Ireland but studying here you gives you the opportunity to visit other Europe countries at weekends and holidays. Ireland has the Dublin Airport, which is a hub connecting with many other countries for reasonable prices. If I visit Germany from Japan, it would cost approximately seven times more compared to the flights from here to Germany. I can’t miss out this opportunity as long as I’m living in Ireland.

During my winter holidays, I visited three German cities, Munich, Augsburg and Rothenburg. The latter two cities are two of the cities which are along with ‘The Romantic Road’. Here’s the map of the route, with all the cities included ‘The Romantic Road.’. The Romantic Road was originally known as a trade route during the middle ages, but these days most of its visitors are tourists visiting medieval and historical sites and exploring beautiful scenery and culture.

The romantic road