Melanie Lang - “Meet Melanie Lang”

Melanie Lang

Melanie is a German international student studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Otago in New Zealand. She's really taking advantage of the social side of student life in friendly Dunedin.

I'm Mel, a 20-something girl from Southwest Germany. I'm passionate about many things, but mostly politics and web design. I also love books and music, spending times with friends and being busy turning around my latest ideas. Moreover, I enjoy cooking and baking, going to the gym and I love the outdoors although I spend way too less time out and about.

My favorite place in New Zealand is Central Otago, precisely the Maniototo area, and my favourite places in Dunedin are the beaches and every spot that offers a decent view over the harbour and the city. This is my third trip to New Zealand within the last five years and I enjoy every minute that I can spend in this wonderful country.


“I knew instantly: this is something I want to be part of!”

My first exposure to the beauty of New Zealand has been in 2008/2009 as part of my trip around the world. I was able to join Otago University for O-week 2009 when the student life was in full swing and Dunedin was celebrating the most exciting week of the year. I was more than impressed by the uniqueness of student culture, and I knew instantly: this is something I want to be part of!

I was lucky enough to gain my parents support for my adventurous plans and started my degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics in second semester. My first year was all about gaining first-hand experience in Kiwi lifestyle. Although I have been travelling through New Zealand for around five months, I was mostly hanging out with fellow travellers not with locals. This was different at university and especially as I was able to be a resident of two Otago residential halls, the newly established City College and the oldest traditional hall Selwyn College.

What I love about Otago University, is the rich student culture that is full of action and creativity. I love that student life is concentrated in one place and always offers an opportunity to come up with something fun. I also have never been at a place where I could just walk down the street and be invited by a completely stranger into a flat to join for a party or a movie session.

Furthermore, Dunedin is surrounded by the most beautiful landscape that I can think of. You can go swimming and surfing at the beach, hiking and tramping on many walks that are just outside the city or a little further away. Dunedin is close to many tourist attractions (Milford Sound, Queenstown, Moreaki Builders, Catlins, Steward Island and more) and your weekends will be busy exploring or just spending a good night out in the Octagon.

I’m about to start my last semester in Dunedin and over the next few months, I'll share insights about my current life and lasting memories about this exciting and wonderful place. Stay tuned!