Deki Dorji - “Meet Deki, one of the longest standing international students at Murdoch University”

Deki Dorji

Deki Dorji is one of the longest standing international students at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. Originally from Bhutan, Deki came to study at Murdoch in 2012 after being offered a place in Murdoch’s Master of Communication Management degree. Re-igniting her passion for study and research, Deki decided to further pursue her studies at the completion of her Master’s degree. Now completing a Masters by Research, Deki has begun to undertake her own original research into the role of Facebook in political campaigns, an area that is of great interest to her and her future career goals.

I come from a media background, precisely journalism. After many years as a journalist in the small Kingdom of Bhutan, I decided to further my knowledge.

It was not an easy decision, I had to do my own research to find the most fitting course for me and I came across the Master of Communication Management at Murdoch. The Master of Communication Management had elements of both journalism and public relations and I knew this was the right course for me, especially at a point where I was not sure of my long-term goals.

Deki Dorji

This course fits perfectly for all communication practitioners, whether journalism or public relations. I personally have no regrets about choosing this course, as some of the units the course offers are so innovative and useful, not just to communication practitioners, but also for all of us trying to communicate within our homes, schools, workplaces and businesses.

The course equips you not only on how to communicate effectively but also on how we can strategically align our actions with goals, especially in this day and age where social media usage is rampant.

Learning about social media strategy, search engine optimization, analytics and planning have been enriching and a special component of the course. I was able to extend this knowledge in the context of my own country wherein I now am doing my Research thesis on the impact of social media on political communication and election outcomes.