Madhur Prashant - “Making more than just a move”

 Madhur Prashant

Madhur Prashant has graduated from Humber and is ready for her next adventure!

Most of us have at least once in our life made a big leap. Some of us may still be waiting. Having made several small and medium jumps in life, I was ready for yet another, a very big one.

My education and work-experience highlight variety and movement, sometimes by choice and, at times, out of compulsion. Soon, I was going to make a new move. I was going to leave behind me a supposedly stable job with a thin paycheque; a novel, challenging, but gratifying job-profile, and a not-so-vibrant social life in India, to go and learn drawing and painting in Canada.

With little background in art, it was going to be a challenge to start afresh in a new country. I was going back to school after almost eight years of work-experience, with the mind of a worker and the heart of a student. 

Reactions to my ambitious action

My superiors, colleagues and friends displayed mixed reactions on learning about my 'far-fetched' ambition. While a few wanted to tag along so they could sneak out of their disenchanting work-life grind; there were those who wanted me to rethink and revaluate such a severe move!

‘What? But why do you want to leave this settled life now? It is surely one big move!’ one of them lamented. We looked at eachother with mutual doubt in the other's point of view. 

Yes. I was making a big move. Dangling between hope and fear, I hoped for confirmation from all and sundry. 

Until then, I had sought deeply a break from the daily grind, from deadlines and meetings, appraisals and evaluations, tax deductions and pay cuts. 

I wanted to be a student again. I wanted to experience the pleasure of learning and living life as a learner.  

I was going to feel freedom.

I must admit, I wasn't sure. 'Why the mixed feelings?', I thought. Forsaking everything only to learn something new wasn't an equation I could balance. Every expression of doubt, of wonder in others' eyes made me question my decision. 

Why this programme?

My interest and my last job! In my last organization, I, as part of a team, created educational solutions, like books and audio books, using stories, rhymes and lots of images. My job was to research, write, edit and visualize stories and supervise the development of learning resources. While I could word my stories and imagine them play; I couldn't draw and paint as vividly. That's when I decided - I want to hold a paint brush along with my pen. This small ambition steered a big move.

I am here and I live like an art student with paint splashed all around, and rightfully so!

There are days when I long to be part of my team and make ideas come to life. There are more days when I long to have a paycheque (thin is also okay) stumble into my humble account. However, there are new moments now when I am able to create, only in part, fresh stories in colour and in shape! 

As I end this, I am reminded of the day when I first set foot into this warm, bustling city - with hopes of blending into a new world, and of getting in touch with myself once again!