Roman Maximyuk - “Loved being Scottish. Australia next!”

Roman Maximyuk

Kazhakstani computer science student Roman Maximyuk blogs about his adventures from Scotland's University of Sterling to Australia's Flinders University.

My name is Roman. I am studying Computer Science at the University of Stirling in Scotland. Luckily, Stirling has exchange agreements with universities all over the world including Flinders, so I had lots of chances to meet people from countries like USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, etc.

I think anybody who studies abroad can say that it is a great experience and they would do it again with pleasure. I myself can afford to be sure that is true, because my education in Scotland itself is abroad. Also, I was lucky enough to have teachers from Canada and Australia (the one from Australia is actually a Flinders graduate), so I could get the inside view of both countries, a lot of universities and living conditions. I wanted to go somewhere warm, dry, not big place (not like Sydney or Toronto) and somewhere exotic and hard to get to without help from university. Adelaide was a perfect place that satisfied all of those points. The only odd thing about the place was that summer and winter were the other way around.

After applying for an exchange programme, I got my visa all sorted and applied for university accommodation at Flinders, as I wanted to be sure that I was going to live in a good place with students just like me. Also, Flinders ensures that everybody can find the university by providing free meeting service for people coming to Adelaide airport or train station. Now I live in great new village units on campus, only five minutes away from university main buildings and walk through beautiful Flinders campus to get there. In case you need anything urgently, there is a shop, a post office, a book store, a travel agency, a healthy food store, a bank and a hairdresser available on campus. There are some sport clubs, societies and student help facilities available for students.

One of the challenges of studying abroad is meeting new people, adjusting to a new culture and getting used to new lecturers and coordinators. The latter one might be the most difficult, especially if you have exceptional grades in home university and want the same when going on exchange. I am sure everybody is afraid of these challenges, and so was I, but "we live once" is probably something everyone has heard before. (and it is a great fun too!

During the two years I spent in Scotland, I have fallen in love with the country, and feel like it is my second home. I truly hope that by the end of my year at Flinders University I will be able to say the same about Adelaide and Australia.