Sonja Sjögren - “Living Abroad in Ireland”


Sonja  Sjögren

Sonja is a Journalism student at Dublin City University, from Helsinki, Finland.

Almost three years ago I moved to Ireland to study journalism and I’ve had the time of my life over here. I can’t say that I never looked back or that I never regretted my decision because that would be a lie, but I can say these years have probably been the best ones of my life yet. While I can’t wait to graduate and get started with my professional life, I’m going to miss living and studying here when it’s over.

I have talked about living abroad with a lot of people from all over Europe and nowadays many seem to dream about life in a foreign country, but are too scared or too comfortable to take the final step and start a new life abroad. Studying abroad genuinely is your best and easiest chance in living abroad and I would recommend anyone who has the dream to do it.


The Green of the Irish in Dublin