Akash Murthy - “The little known trails around Maynooth”


Akash Murthy

I’m a student at Maynooth University pursuing Masters in Audio Technology. I'm also an audiophile and a DIY enthusiast. I also love backpacking and hiking where the trails on maps end.

I chose Ireland for reasons that not many folks pay prime attention to. I didn’t choose Maynooth University for the excellent tailored course that they offer, nor did I join in consideration of the booming Irish IT industry and in hopes of getting a job. I chose Ireland for its vast fields of green, the warm hospitality, the not so warm climate and their love of ale and beer that I’d heard oh-so much about. And I was not disappointed.

My course gives me the freedom to work at my own pace, and with it comes a lot of free time. Backpacking and hiking are something that I am passionate about, and I brought my tent and sleeping bag into the country with me, and at every chance I got, I’d venture out into the wilderness. I find an immense longing towards solitude and seclusion and I generally choose to hike alone and find places that are not evident on a map. However, I didn’t have to go very far from campus to find some truly wonderful trails.


The golf course in Maynooth is quite big with large open fields. But it is also intersected by the Rye river and has dense forest overgrowth along the perimeter. This blog entry will try to give you enough insight to help you find your way inside, be it for a leisure stroll or an evening run. You are bound to come across secluded forest trails, a potential picnic spot where you can feed some swans, and a nice little waterfall as well. The trails you encounter are basically loops which lead you back to a point where you started off, but they may be long, some as long as 10 kilometers. So be sure to be well hydrated before exploring.