Chad Han Yixian - “Let it's July!”

Chad Han Yixian

Chad Han Yixian is a Singaporean blogger studying Nutrition at Flinders University. Chad is one of those larger-than-life students who believes in working hard and playing harder.

Yes, good times fly by and we are in what? Week three of semester two now? I don’t know about you guys but I personally am still in holiday mood, particularly Christmas mood because of the cold weather and well, sometimes I look around and imagine there is snow (I’m not going crazy I swear) - call it a ‘snow hangover’ in the aftermath of too much snow from Mount Hotham, which was where I visited over mid-semester winter break.

I’m still not very much used to calling it winter when it’s July! The last time I experienced winter was in New York and it was during December. That’s what is unique about being down under here in Australia I guess! Coming from a tropical country, I am not complaining at all! I am just glad that there are four seasons in Australia and I don’t care the sequence of it.

Anyway where was I? That’s right - my mid-semester trip to Mount Hotham in Vic. When I landed in Melbourne, I realized that TIGER (the aeroplane line I flew with) TOOK ME TO THE WRONG AIRPORT! I swear I wasn’t lying when I say I looked like a total fool when I landed and asked people around me where I was. It was the most OMG moment of the year, without a doubt. I was supposed to land in Avalon airport in Melbourne but they took me to Tullamarine instead. But at least they took me to the correct Australian state, right? I counted my blessings they didn’t take me to Darwin - I would have a cardiac arrest.

After I told my cousins of my changed arrival destination, they changed their driving route and collected me. We then headed straight to Mount Hotham. The near five hour drive with the turns and the mountainous route reminded of the bumpy five-tonne lorry during my army days. My nieces and I felt a little bit nauseous from the constant swaying, humps and bumps.

It is as though I stepped into a freezer when I opened the doors of the car. The extreme cold air filled my lungs (I would say it was the equivalent to swallowing ten popsicles at once). It was all worth it though; the scenery was absolutely gobsmacking and breathtaking. The motel that we stayed in was this little wooden house with three levels fully furnished with a country styled wooden everything and fluffy cushions. All of that was accompanied by warm and cosy orange lights that lit the living room giving it a wonderful ambiance. I don’t care that its July - it definitely felt like Christmas time for me!

During my stay in Mount Hotham, I skied, snowboarded, and played like a kid; I even made a snowman with my nieces and the other kids travelling with us, something I never have gotten to do before! Well, I was just trying to blend in! It fascinates me how snow can bring out the child in almost every grown up. I had a blast and would love to go back next year!

One lesson learnt though: PAD yourself because I have countless bruises from falls during snowboarding that make me look like I have tattoos all over my body.

I will be going to an Adelaide winery this Saturday and should be blogging about that next - so stay tuned for more from me!