Natasha Madhavan - “Kayaking on the river Liffey”


Natasha Madhavan

Natasha, from India, is a first year student studying International Finance and Economics at Maynooth University. She loves animals, playing sports and reading books. 

So I had yet another boring weekend ahead of me. And I just couldn’t bare the thought of the eventless hours doing something mundane to pass the time away. Thus, I ended up signing up for kayaking with Maynooth University’s International and Erasmus Society and I’m so glad I did!


Maynooth I ESN-ers

We started off from the Maynooth Train Station. All the students, about 20 of us, met at the station and were introduced to each other. We were from all over the world, quite the multicultural group! That in itself provided for so much conversation, everyone finding out about each other’s course and country. So that kept us all occupied throughout the train journey to the Tara Station stop. When we got out, it was absolutely freezing! The cold wind was unrelenting. But that definitely did not stop us haha! We headed on to the city kayaking headquarters. We were scheduled for a two-hour long kayaking trip along the river Liffey, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. They kitted us up in these waterproof jumpers. Then, they taught us the basics of how to handle the boat and off we went!


In our kayak


City views