Jasna Rajnar Petrovic - “A month of Irish Summer”


Jasna Rajnar Petrovic

My name is Jasna Rajnar Petrovic, a recent graduate coming from the beautiful green capital of Slovenia which goes by the name Ljubljana. I did an Erasmus exchange semester at Maynooth University 4 years ago, but I fell in love with Ireland so I was looking for an opportunity to come back. It presented itself in the form of an Erasmus+ internship in the International Office which will keep me here until the end of June – afterwards, who knows?

It wasn’t the whole month of May, only a last couple of weeks and the first part of June, but we experienced the Irish Summer in its full and undimmed glory! There was sunshine, blue skies, shorts, sleeping with open windows, open-toed shoes and visits to the beach (and also sunburnt cheeks on my part), all enjoyed in the divine temperatures of around 20°C. You might ask yourself why I spend so many characters writing about the weather – well, if you ever come to this gorgeous green island, you’ll find out it’s their favourite topic.

It even started wonderfully, with the surprise visit from my dad. We covered almost half the island with our traipsing around, starting with afternoons walking around the Carton House estate and Dublin, and then going on long drives to beautiful destinations. We spent an entire day driving along tiny country roads to get to the middle of Wicklow Mountains and see Glendalough. There’s so much to see and do there I don’t even know where to start!


Two stunning lakes and a waterfall to start it off and plenty of hiking trails to choose from – you can decide for yourself if you want to hike for an hour or the whole day. I really recommend spending as much time there as possible, if you’re a lover of nature that is. To finish this already amazing day we went to Greystones, had a walk at the beach and ate some scrumptious vegetarian lasagne at The Happy Pear (if you’re vegetarian/vegan/general food buff I can’t recommend this place enough!).