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Felipe Guapo

My name is Felipe Guapo, I am a 23 year old Brazilian science graduate and I have just begun my time abroad living in Ireland.

Don't let the weather get in your way, you can have fun in Ireland from winter to winter!

Another Frozen morning

Another frozen morning

If you are in Ireland, you probably noticed that the temperature dropped a few degrees in the last few weeks. To someone like me, that is used to a tropical weather, the cold is not always pleasant but if you don’t let it get on your way you might learn to use it in your favour and discover another great quality of the Irish people, the kindness and warmth of drinking a pint in a pub.

Winter has arrived in Maynooth

Winter has arrived in Maynooth

I have spent a few past posts talking about different places you can visit when studying in Ireland, and others showing all the beauty and quality of life you will be able to experience if you decide to study in Maynooth. Today, I am going to discuss something that gets in the way of a lot of people, the weather. It is no news that it gets cold in Ireland. But truth is, it is not the coldest place on Earth, and the winter is quite moderate especially if you compare it with the negatives temperatures experienced by Canadians and Russians. The main problem with the Irish winter is not really the cold, but the rain. Yes, it does rain a lot in Ireland but if it wasn’t for the rain we wouldn’t be able to call this country the green island (Ireland), am I right?

Waterfall under the cloudy winter sky

Waterfall under the cloudy winter sky

After spending some time living in Ireland you get used to the rain and it stops bothering you so much. I remember how I used to get depressed and lazy when I looked out of the window and saw that it was raining. How many plans to go out have I canceled because of that. How many opportunities I missed to have that good Irish craic?

Last days of auntnm in Maynooth

Last days of autumn in Maynooth