Yufei Huo - “Wandering in wonderful Ireland”


Yufei Huo

I come from china and I live on campus at Maynooth, study accounting for my master degree. I enjoy reading, swimming, socializing with friends and touring etc. I am an honest easy-going guy and I like to make friends - the more the better!

 My time in Maynooth University is fleeting, it seems semester 1 comes to an end just overnight. Looking back to these past days, I had lots of good times, also I have many feelings about this experience. Maynooth University actually provides me lots of opportunities, not only in better education but also in other aspects such an opportunity to make different friends, opportunity to hone my skills to live independently, opportunity to explore and sharpen my hobbies, etc.

I am grateful for all Maynooth University have given or is giving to me, and I believe my future lives will benefit a lot from this experience here. Now, I gradually get familiar with this new environment and get used to living here.


I have made lots of friends, also enriched my mind with much knowledge, all of these will be my invaluable treasures in the future. I really enjoy the moments here, which may become one of the unforgettable and happiest times in my life.

Now semester 1 ended, new semester is coming, though I just finished my final exams (of course I was nervous about it before, but anyway everything is done already) I feel quite relaxed, so I want to take advantage of this break and make it up for the lost Christmas Day (because I had to prepare for the final exams) and decide to make a trip around. Finally, it actually turned out to be an unforgettable trip. I just couldn’t love it more!