Chaeyoung Lim - “Ireland, heaven for travelers”


Chaeyoung Lim

Chaeyoung Lim is Korean PhD student in Information Systems in Tokyo Institute Technology. He likes exploring new food and beer, reading books, socialising with people from various backgrounds, travelling and dancing. Maynooth is his fourth living city after Seoul (S.Korea), Tokyo (Japan) and Aachen (Germany).

Traveling is like as reading books. It not only gives us some space to observe, to think and to learn about new and various beings and their interactions around the world (i.e. various people, culture, history and nature), but also provides you with the chance to understand how those things are working and are done. Therefore, I have considered traveling as one of the most meaningful learning processes in life.

In that sense, studying in Ireland, the island-country at the edge of Europe, can be indeed a good opportunity for making these travels. As Dublin airport plays its central role for accommodating numerous low-cost carriers in Europe, people, seeking travel with reasonable budget, such as students, can easely pay a visit to various cities in Europe, even Africa and middle East.


You can visit many cities for a reasonable price

My weekend trip to Central Europe

I made some amazing European friends in my prior exchange study, 2 years ago. In that time, by adapting to new cultures, learning new languages and enjoying lots of travels together, I could "transform" them into my dearest friends, and vice versa. And I have received their "kind pressure" to visit their countries every time I'm telling them that I am in Europe. Thanks to the inexpensive flight route from Dublin airport, I responded to the call of a friend by flying to Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, in one weekend.


Slovakia, the answer to colourful cuisines and drinks