Felipe Guapo - “Ireland and I”


Felipe Guapo

My name is Felipe Guapo, I am a 23 year old Brazilian science graduate and I have just begun my time abroad living in Ireland.

September 2016 marks the third anniversary of my first trip to Ireland. Back then, in 2013, I was an undergraduate student that had just been awarded a Science without borders (CAPES) scholarship, to study abroad for 15 months.

Ireland was one, in a list of more than 7 countries that I could have chosen to go to. And even though I did know not much about the green island back then, the smallest details added up, influencing on my decision. Of course that the high-quality educational level of the universities in this country provided the majority of the reasons that justify my choice. But there is also something else that you need to know about this country.

Northeast side of Maynooth perfect plasce for weekend walks

North-east side of Maynooth Campus

Ireland is probably one of the greenest countries in the world, offering stunning landscapes, each one as spectacular as the others. Something about the combination of nature with the architectural design of most buildings, allied with other constructions that have centuries in their bricks can really catch the eye of any person that is kind enough to observe its surroundings. I remember how impressed I was when I came here for the first time and the admiration still lasts, three years later.

Another great picture of the Maynooth University South campus VHN2015

Maynooth University, South Campus

I never thought I would like to settle down in a small town like Maynooth. But this village certainly gave a good impression to me. I have never been so close to nature and cultural entertainment is always within walking distance. This means that living in this town is a guarantee of a good quality of life.