Bert van der Veen - “I really don't want to leave Ireland yet...”


Bert van der Veen

My name is Bert van der Veen and I am a 24 year old European Studies student from the Netherlands. Currently I am interning as an Erasmus intern at the International Office of Maynooth University. I will be staying in Ireland until the end of February and after that, I will go to Berlin for five months to study international communication.

Made it halfway! But it’s actually a sad realisation, as I really do not want to leave Ireland yet. Anyhow, the month was great (again) and even the weather was pretty nice (even though certain people would not agree with this one). I discovered that November is really a month in which the nature here in Ireland actually gets more and prettier. With all the trees turning red and staying red for at least a while, the scenery gets so beautiful! 

picture 1

So, what’s the best place to spend your time at the moment? Yes, in nature, so I did my fair deal of trips to Howth this month to enjoy the nature (and play tour guide for my visiting friends, who I truly love for all visiting me).

During my multiple trips to Howth this month I enjoyed the long and beautiful cliff walk, ate delicious fish and chips and (FINALLY) saw the seals, which was really cool! (Even though the cuteness disappeared a little after seeing them consuming huge chunks of fish…)

picture 3

Besides making all the lovely trips to Howth, I’ve also done an international pub-crawl with a few friends. This was really nice, because we really needed to start discovering something different than Dicey’s Garden on the weekend ;).