Yulin Wang - “I can, so can you”


Yulin Wang

Yulin Wang is a Chinese international student studying in the UK. His blog is about his life at the University of Chichester studying Sports Therapy.

This is me, a Sports Therapy student from University of Chichester:

Often staring at the computer screen with a document-word-sheet widely open, 10-minutes are gone, the page is still empty, clean, and nothing was actually written down, still staring at the screen….. Or

A purposefully chosen quiet corner in the library, got a ball pen, table, chair and paper. Pull the chair forward close to the table till my belly is sandwiched between table and chair back rest, that black ball pen is my favourite, the blank A4 paper lays perfectly flat on the table in front of me. That is all I need for this case study writing task, but I just struggle to write. It seems easy to just write, but it’s hard for me, still. I wondered why. I ask ‘why I make it such a fuss about it, why can’t I just put the words down?


“… the page is still empty …”

This is me, a 3rd year sports therapy student afraid of writing, nervous about doing the presentation, but I am not ashamed of speaking about what I still can’t do so well to meet my expectation.