Hikari Kanda - “How to taste my way through Ireland”


Hikari Kanda

My name is Hikari Kanda. I'm an international student from Japan studying Economics at Maynooth University. I've been staying in Ireland for 10 months. I love exploring the scenery, culture and local food through travel.

It has been a month since I published my first blog. I was so piled with work up for the last a month as I had a lot of things to do for mid-term exams. (Actually it was the first time for me to take exams officially at college.)

In these days, outside is dark and freezing on my way to the college in the morning. I don’t like winter really but I like sky which especially can be seen in winter’s early morning. These are my favorite pictures that I took recently when I was walking along the river in Maynooth. I like this lovely sky reflected in the water.

IMG 4878

Also, the campus’s atmosphere has changed a bit from last month. The red creeping ivy on the wall has disappeared, and the campus has changed more winter-ish. Sometimes there can be seen the beautiful light frost on the lawn of the campus.

For the second article of my blog, I’d like to share about traditional Irish foods that I’ve been exploring since I came here.

Full Irish breakfast

My favorite Irish food is definitely “Full Irish breakfast.” (Most of my friends as well.) Originally, it had been made for people who had need a lot of energy for their work mornings, but now it has been more familiar to most households as a staple food to indulge on a lazy Sunday morning. I’m one of those who like starting off my Sunday with this breakfast. I found a great place, called “The Great Wood.”

IMG 0404

The full Irish breakfast is served with…

  • A slice of fried bacon
  • A sausage
  • baked beans
  • A grilled tomato
  • A hashed potato
  • A black/white pudding
  • A fried egg
  • A slice of toast
  • Unlimited cups of tea/coffee

My host mother sometimes makes it for Sunday’s brunch. Also I often go there on weekend. I’ve never had such a huge breakfast before, so I was surprised when I had it for the first time. Also, one more thing surprised me is black and white puddings served as part of a traditional breakfast.