Tiara Samosir - “How to Survive Full-time Study and a Part-time Job”


Tiara Samosir

Tiara is a journalism student at Humber Insitute of Technology in Canada. She grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tiara is a budding film critic, eager to express her opinions!


For me personally, I do this because this helps me to plan my next move and what needs to be done in order to be closer to my goal. If you have more than one goal, don’t worry. As long as those goals are realistic and achievable in the given time frame, write them down. Write them down everywhere.


“Two of my journalism problems ....”

Be mentally ready.

At first, you’d think having a part-time when you’re in school is a normal thing to do. You go to school on weekdays and work in the weekends. It’s doable. Everybody does it. It’s true, but there will be some hard days when you’re tired or an exam is coming up and you wish you’re somewhere else. Those moments are crucial. If you don’t have the mentality that you need to be at work because of the long-term goal you’re on your way to achieve, you’ll start slacking and looking for a reason to skip work.

It’s important to know what you will be dealing with before putting yourself into it. My mom always tells me, “It’s all in the head. What you head says, your body follows.” If you have a goal and already make up your mind on achieving it, you’ll make it through any obstacle. At the end of the day, you are what you believe you are.

Have a daily To-Do List.

It is important to be organized, but what else can you organize if you already have both of your class and work schedules? A daily To-Do List!


“8 a.m. selfie at the 680 Radio Studio in L Building”

Let me tell you the magic of a daily To-Do List. If you ever been in the situation where you have so many things to do you didn’t know where to start, this is where a daily To-Do List comes in handy. A daily To-Do List is like brainstorming, but more organized. When writing down your list, you will be able to see all of the things you need to do and that will make it easier for you to prioritize what most needs to be done. 

Another thing you need to know about a daily To-Do List, it doesn’t just help you to be organized, but it also gives you motivation. The act of writing it down itself makes you feel responsible to get it done. You don’t have to write down big things, just what needs to be done, such as assignments, projects, errands, etc. If you have a long list, you’ll be rushing to get it done. Without notice, you’ll concentrate more and do things even faster than how you normally do. Ask my friends and teachers if you don’t believe me. The days when I am being the most organized, productive and effective, that would be when I am following my To-Do List.

Two main reasons why I cannot go a day without a daily To-Do List:

A) I feel accomplished for getting things done.

B) I wake up everyday with purpose.