Tiara Samosir - “How to Survive Full-time Study and a Part-time Job”


Tiara Samosir

Tiara is a journalism student at Humber Insitute of Technology in Canada. She grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tiara is a budding film critic, eager to express her opinions!


Write down your goal.

All of your hard work, tears and sleepless nights would be meaningless if you don’t know what you want to achieve. Before making the decision, make sure you know what your goal is and the decision you’re about to make is getting you closer to it.


“My first article reporting for Humber Et Cetera!”


“January 23, 2015. Reporting TTC 2015 Customer Charter for Humber News at Bloor and Yonge Subway Station.”

Writing it down helps to create a vision of you achieving your goal, and that vision will give you that anxious, exciting feeling that you have to get it. A goal should be very personal because you are the one who will be working on it and achieving it. You can write “World Peace” or “Becoming the Next President” if you want, or you can write simple goals such as “Graduating with AT LEAST 75 per cent average” like I did. The reason I wrote that wasn’t because I didn’t dream as big as you, but because I had to put a time frame of when I should accomplish mine, and since I came here to study, I put that as my goal.