Tiara Samosir - “How to Survive Full-time Study and a Part-time Job”


Tiara Samosir

Tiara is a journalism student at Humber Insitute of Technology in Canada. She grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tiara is a budding film critic, eager to express her opinions!

With college tuition rates on the rise and job-hunting tougher than the Hunger Games, many of us are juggling between our full-time studies and a part-time job during our time in college. As much as we want to narrow down our focus to one, never-ending bills and other needs make it impossible to leave our job.

In addition to that, there are even more struggles that we have to deal with. As an international student who has traveled approximately 10,000 miles and lives on my own to study, I understand the struggles of culture shock and homesickness. In fact, until this moment I still miss my mom’s homemade lasagna and family weekly movie time. But one thing that we need to keep in mind is that we have to put those struggles as our strengths. Not everyone is as lucky as us to have the opportunity to study abroad in a country that embraces multiculturalism and having a job in the meantime. Looking at how much stuff we have and will miss out on, doing the best we can at school is an obligation.


“My mandatory college kit: laptop, note book and agenda.”

Here’s what I believe, surviving years in college is more than just managing your time. It’s more about managing your life. You’ve passed High School, which means you’ve done your preparation in stepping into the real world. But before you do so, you’ll get a trial, and that trial is what college is all about.

From someone who managed to survive a nine-course semester, a part-time job, and few on-call volunteer works, I believe I’m qualified to tell you how I did it.


“Newsroom and Reporter Passes.”


“This is only half of my journalism fam!”