Jason Mitchell - “How to prepare for placement”

Jason Mitchell

Jason is from the United States and is studying practical nursing. This blog is about his life at Durham College in Canada.

If you are in school for a health science or community service job you will probably have to do one of these if you haven’t already. A placement is more or less an internship that counts as a class. It is usually a pass or fail. For the Practical Nursing program we go into hospitals and work with real patients or clients and provide them with care (with supervision of course).

Where to Begin?

It’s Monday, you start on Thursday, and you think you’re ready. You’ve been hitting the books, maybe making some cue cards, what can stump you? You’re on fire like Katniss Everdeen. Well, until your teacher asks you how you’re supposed to introduce yourself to a client. WHERE IN THE TEXTBOOK WAS THAT?!?!

The Very Next Day...

Crisis averted; you collaborated with your peers. The brain trust prevails! It’s two days before but it’s never too early to get your things together right? I mean what if you forget something and then your instructors hate you for the rest of your days... That’s not going to happen though! You’re an unstoppable machine of readiness! Stethoscope? Check! Blood pressure cuff? Check!! 47 page school placement guide? 47 page school placement guide? Bueller? Bueller? Oh no...


“Stethoscope? Check! Blood pressure cuff? Check!”

The Day Before Tomorrow

T’was the night before placement when all through the house not a creature was stirring except you, who can’t sleep with visions of malpractice dancing through your head! Stop! You found that guide. You’ve gotten all your stuff laid out for the day ahead. You are actually ready this time. How can you cease these images? Light bulb! Grab that MP3 player and crank it to 11. It’s time to close your eyes and sleep. You needn’t worry now.


“Grab that MP3 player and crank it to 11…”