Dmitry Aksenov - “How my UK Education Helped make my Business a Success”


 Dmitry Aksenov

Russian Entrepreneur Dmitry studied at Bellerbys in Brighton and at the University of Bath.  He now has a successful business in London and credits his UK education for his success.

Dmitry Aksenov is a 22-year-old Russian-born entrepreneur who moved to the UK to study before setting up his business in London. His companies, DigitalGenius and FinGenius, supply artificial intelligence services to some of the world’s biggest brands. It’s a journey that’s seen him go from building robots out of spare car parts in his dad’s garage to running a company from London’s iconic One Canada Square skyscraper (AKA Canary Wharf). Dmitry credits a considerable part of his success to his UK education at Bellerbys College, Brighton where he undertook a foundation course (2008 - 2009) before going on to study business administration at the University of Bath (2009 – 2013).

 I arrived in the UK from Russia aged just 16 in 2008 to start my journey from college to university and to eventually creating my own business. Now my company helps some of the world’s largest financial and consumer brands provide customer support through artificial intelligence – fully replicating human-like communication on a massive scale, automatically and in real time.

My entrepreneurial ambitions were heavily influenced by my parents, particularly my father. He has his own business manufacturing equipment used for packaging in the food industry. As a kid I would go to his factory after school each day and observe the family business from the executive chair, and it wasn’t long before I’d decided I wanted to run a business of my own one day.

Since then, I’ve come a long way in a very short space of time, and am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had. But it may surprise you that I believe my first years in the UK at Bellerbys College have played the biggest part in getting to where I am today.


“… my first years in the UK at Bellerbys College …”

I found the quality of teaching at Bellerbys exceptional: classes were of no more than ten students, the teachers knew all our names and were happy to provide one-to-one help. This was a feeling I didn’t get back in Russia or even later on at university.

In fact, my time at Bellerbys has influenced my business success more than university ever did. The mentorship I received was amazing – I had a lot of questions about the general principles of business in the UK, many of which are not obvious to people coming from a country like Russia, which has different ways of doing business. From starting up, attracting clients and managing HR to the advantages of operating from London versus Brighton, my teachers helped me understand how I was going to build my business. They even let me go off-curriculum and choose a project topic that would benefit me most in the future: a comparison of business in the UK and Russia.


“London versus Brighton”