Dharshini Hettiarachchi - “How I am Spending my Winter Holidays”


Dharshini Hettiarachchi

Dharshini is from Sri Lanka, has studied in the UK and she’s now studying Accounting at Durham College in Canada.  She loves cooking, movies and dogs.

After an extremely challenging semester and a long week of exams, I was looking forward to three weeks of pure bliss… Sleeping in and not having to rush around to get to class on time.

With the all festivities around the corner, my break started off with a quick trip to the YMCA Gym in Oshawa. Hoping that this is a trend that I will continue for the remainder of my holidays and in the New Year! Later that evening I joined my brother and his family to get a Christmas tree for our home. My brother and his family maintain a tradition of the entire family participating in getting the Christmas tree every year. Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies, while decorating the tree really did get everyone at home in the festive mood.


“… decorating the tree …”

After all the excitement I spent the next morning taking a long walk with Watson, my walking buddy. The weather has been mild in last few days and an ideal temperature for walking.


“… a long walk with Watson, my walking buddy.”