Rachel Goh - “Coping with homesickness”


Rachel Goh

Rachel has travelled from Singapore to study Psychology at the University of Otago. She is often seen running around campus juggling various commitments. 

 Cook your favourite dishes and share it

When asked about what they miss about Singapore, every Singaporean will definitely have food in their top 3. New Zealand-style food is pretty great and all, but sometimes all you want is that plate of chicken place, a slab of roti prata, and lots of ‘black’ carrot cake (it exists, trust me). Unfortunately, it is difficult to find Singaporean-style dishes in Dunedin so you do the next best thing: learn how to cook it.

I admit that in 2010 all I could do in the kitchen was fry an egg, but after many years of learning and experimenting, I can make chicken rice, laksa, and other dishes that my 2010 self would be scared of.


It probably does not taste like the real deal, but it is close enough. Plus it is fun to create new things and to share it with your friends. Thankfully, I have an awesome Singaporean flatmate who eats my food with gusto and who spoils me silly with her own local creations. Thanks, Andrea!


Get your fix with the International club on campus

If you have been reading my previous blogs, you just know that I am going to mention something about International. When I was new to Otago, I really appreciated Otago Singapore Club (OSC) for taking care of me, giving me my dose of “Singlish”, and helping me feel at home. And this caring culture has never changed as the years go by. Even if you are not from Singapore, never fear because Otago has a vibrant International culture with so many International clubs to choose from.


I mean where else is the most convenient place to get your fix of your fellow countrymen?! So make your way to the OUSA Clubs and Societies website and find a club that you would love to join. Furthermore, you will not only meet people from your hometown but you will also meet people from other countries and cultures.