Annamae Beeler Sax - “Halfway There: Making the Most of the Time I Have”


Annamae Beeler Sax

Annamae Sax is a double major in Creative Writing with a focus in Poetry and Gender and Women's studies (specialising in Queer and Trans Studies) who is traveling from Tucson, Arizona to Maynooth, Ireland. When she's not in class or stuck in a book, she loves to act, hike, and explore the world with her friends.

I could have sworn it was just yesterday that I stepped off the plane in Dublin, desert brain reeling as I tried to gain my Irish land legs; yet somehow, (I must have blinked) it’s just about December and my first semester is drawing to a close. It’s mind boggling how quickly my year abroad is going by, and I’m desperately trying to pack in as much travel as possible between essays and theater productions.

Our fall break took place over the end of October and the beginning of November, and my friends and I were quick to make the most of it. We booked an incredible trip with bus2alps that took us through Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, all in under ten days. We flew from Dublin to Barcelona to meet up with our group of other students from all over at our first hostel. (Funniest part of this trip? We drove between cities, so you tend to get pretty close with people when you’re on a bus with for over ten hours straight.) Each city began with a local tour guide who walked us around and gave us the info we needed to fully take in the city.

Barcelona was amazing. Our tour guide took us to a beautiful cathedral, through the government buildings, popular shopping areas, and we ended it at Parc de la Ciutadella, which had a bubbling fountain at the center. From there we had free time, and my friends and I took to the city immediately, finding a good restaurant for tapas, fitting in a tattoo appointment for me, and ending the night at a pub crawl. We found ourselves on the beach at one am, shoes in our hands as we ran through the crashing waves. It was the perfect ending to an incredible day. We spent the next one exploring: the Sagrada Familia, parts of the city we hadn’t been to yet, and ending with Park Güell. Seeing Gaudí’s work in person was breathtaking, after seeing it in pictures for so long. That night we got back and packed, and the next morning set out on our longest drive of the trip, to Paris.


Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona