Anna Chiappini - “Graduation and saying goodbye”

Anna Chiappini

Anna Chiappini is an Italian MBA student at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Somehow she's balancing her studies, a job AND a social life!

Hi everyone,

I'll give you some numbers! 

18 months spent in Australia

26 days before I travel back home

+∞ the number of friends I will miss

In the last two months I have been very busy with assignments, casual-job and preparation for my homecoming - such as giving away all the stuff that I accumulated in my room during my stay!

The International Office were very helpful in the process of getting ready to go home; issues such as:

  • closing the bank account
  • rental agreements
  • asking for academic transcripts
  • managing the 'reverse culture shock'

The last email I have received has been an invitation to Flinders' Farewell Reception for completing international students. I attended the event with Jenny and Mindy, two of my closest friends here in Adelaide.

It was organised by the International Office, ISSU and Marketing and Communication Office and it was a warming and nice event, and an opportunity to bid farewell to the university for those, like me, who won't be able to attend the graduation ceremony.


“I highly recommend attending the farewell reception and enjoy every single moment in Adelaide”

The event gave me the opportunity to visit parts of the campus that I had never been to, such as the Science Innovation Learning Centre (SILC). It is a modern, colourful and cozy location. In total, we were around 30 students, many of them accompanied by their families and kids.

We all received a Flinders-branded frame at the reception of the event (where I had the pleasure to meet the supervisors of my placement at the International Office!) and a photographer took professional photos of each of us.

The ceremony started with a brief speech to thank all the students and wish us good luck for our professional and personal future; then respecting the best Australian tradition, it continued with a delicious barbeque.

The farewell reception has been a good moment to have a chat with and say goodbye to the staff of the International Office that helped all of us while applying to Flinders and during our staying at the university. It also has been a good moment for me to stop running here and there and to realize that I finally GRADUATED from a Master in Business Administration… in Australia!

International students and friends, I highly recommend attending the farewell reception with your family or friends and enjoy every single moment in Adelaide, before going back to your home country!

Ciao ciao,