Jessica Sjostedt - “Goodbye Australia”

Jessica Sjostedt

Jessica Sjöstedt is a Bachelor of English student at Malmo University in Sweden and has taken a semester out to study at Flinders University in Australia.

With only two nights left in this country before I head on a very long journey back to my loved one's arms, I think it is about time to try and summarise my semester at Flinders. 

But how do you paint a fair picture of the beauty of this country so far away from my own, the golden sunsets, the never-ending rolling of the waves, the trees and plants and flowers that look like they are props from Avatar?

How is it possible to explain the amazement you felt when meeting all the fantastic people life threw your way, the wonderfully culturally mixed group of international students sitting in the boat next to you (laughing, sighing, singing, dancing, crying and studying with you) and the friendly, warm Australians with their easy-going attitude and blinding smiles? 

How do you put down in a blog post the incredible meetings with animals that occurred since you arrived on this continent, the roaming sea lions of Kangaroo Island, the proud kangaroos hopping across the road without fear, the shy koalas eating eucalyptus in the trees on campus, the pale pink galahs keeping you company on your morning walk and the persistent millipedes that refuse to leave your bathroom floor? 

How can you make people understand the importance of the courses studied, the inspirational professors and the input from fellow students from all over the world without showing them the inside of your brain and your mind and explaining that it all grew in Adelaide, in Adelaide your mind improved?

How do you describe five intense months of ups and downs, sunshine and rain, awesomeness and boredom, Vegemite sandwiches and double-coated Timtams, echidnas and red-back spiders, international politics lectures and life lessons?

I don't know. But what I do want to say is thank you. Everything described above will stay in my heart for ever.