Macey Berkley - “From my experience at Maynooth”


Macey Berkley

My name is Macey Berkley, and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I was fortunate enough to attend Maynooth University this summer where I was able to experience a new culture! This photo is from Giants Causeway where we able to climb on the rocks and also hike to the top of the mountain overlooking the whole Causeway.

As my time at Maynooth University International Summer School comes to a close, I have created memories and experiences that could have not been possible back at home.


As a result of this trip, I approach academics and even culture in a new way. One of my most treasured memories was getting to experience Ireland on my own. I consider myself outdoorsy, and so I one of my friends was talking to one of the summer staff people about cool hiking places near Maynooth. The staff member gave us a suggestion to go to Bray and walk to Greystone.

My friend and I traveled on the train for the first time on our own, which was an adventure in itself. Once we learned how the train worked and how the trains were labeled, we were off to Bray. Bray is a beautiful seaside town that fulfilled the picture in my head of how Ireland looks. The coast was quiet and clear as we approached Bray.