Nikita Sarawagi - “From incredible India to incredible Ireland…”


Nikita Sarawagi

I am Nikita Sarawagi, an international student from India, pursuing my Master's degree in Data Science and Analytics at Maynooth University. I believe in the saying 'Live and Let Live'. I am a nature lover and always looking for flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way.

Namaste! I am Nikita Sarawagi from India, pursuing my Masters in Data Science and Analytics at Maynooth University. It's been two months away from home and it’s the beginning of a whole different era in my century as a human. To be honest, I was slightly panicked about my new life in another country since this is my first time away from home alone.

But all these worries disappeared on arrival as I was warmly welcomed by my university and its associated student bodies. My two months here in Ireland have been very eventful and happening, I experienced a lot of things and disasters (Oh-Phelia!) as well.

The beautiful South campus of Maynooth UniversityThe beautiful South campus of Maynooth University

Education is just a small part of my experiences here, though an important one (have to say that considering the huge loans I have to pay hahah). I am taking archery lessons which have been quite interesting. Travel to a number of places has been an enriching experience which I will mention in brief ahead.

My angel in disguise Ann-Marie from SU and meMy angel in disguise, Ann-Marie from SU and me

A tour of the capital city, Dublin, was amazing wherein I visited Trinity college, Temple bar, and few other places. The Russel library tour was awe-inspiring and made me nostalgic about times past, it was nostalgia for things, events and histories which I couldn’t be a part of.