Shanna Law - “Dunedin: Wildlife Capital of New Zealand”


Shanna Law

Shanna has travelled from the USA to study for a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geology at the University of Otago in New Zealand.  When she’s not studying she likes to hike, paint and read.

Albatross partners mate for life and raise a chick every two years. In between mating, they spend all of their time flying or floating in the ocean. They fly all the way around the globe – from New Zealand past the tip of South America and back to Dunedin – before touching ground again. Their enormous wingspan allows them to ride air currents for miles without flapping. They are an example of some of the amazing talents in the animal kingdom, and it was truly special to get to see one of the rare spots they call home!

Last but not least, a quick overview of the animals on the Peninsula would not be complete without some pictures of sheep and cows! New Zealand is a lead exporter in dairy, but it is the rolling green hills that are dotted with sheep that are iconic. This is because it is estimated that there are 10x more sheep than people in New Zealand!