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 Courtney Windju

Courtney left the USA to study at the University of Otago in New Zealand. When she’s not studying she likes exploring, baking and meeting new people. Courtney graduated from the University of San Diego in 2016.

Thus, I sit hear now, heading back in a couple of days to yet another unexpected, spontaneous and wonderful adventure. I have started another job hunt, in hopes that I can score a position in New Zealand that will provide me a stepping stone to enter a Masters degree in the near future in either Industrial Psychology or Organizational Leadership. As I leave you with a snippet of the last couple years of my life, I would like to sum up three of my most profound lessons learned: #1, if at all possible, STUDY ABROAD #2, put in the effort you may need to take you where you’d like to go, but don’t force it and bring mindfulness to any stress, discomfort or anxiety you may have in knowing that you can always make alterations to your current lifestyle to remove such feelings and #3 love and cherish every moment you experience; as cliché as it may be, we only have ONE life to LIVE and we are the deciders of how each and every moment is spent. Life is precious.